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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Ashley Hann is a branding and marketing specialist. She previously worked at the show Shark Tank. Now is in charge of Ashley Hann Branding and Consulting. She empowers women to find their power and live their best lives. Today, she joins Daniel to discuss the influence of her family and growing up in the church as a child. She was a self-defined “goodie-two-shoes” as a kid after being a young rebel. She goes through learning to love the process vs focusing on the destination.


Ashley loves using journaling as a tool to clear her mind and move past her obstacles. She talks about how to use this technique to help you have a healthier, more productive day. Another tool she uses to be more productive is to not make everything about herself. A lot of people focus on other people too much, but if someone is doing something that isn’t helping you, you have to be able to let go. Some people go about life trying to bring others down. Ashley has developed a technique to become more peaceful when you work with people like this. It’s easy to go low when they go low. But the more mature thing to do is to be understanding and take the high road. We don’t always know where people are coming from. Working from a place of empathy and compassion is going to grow more relationships than responding with anger.