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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

Mike “C-Roc” joins Daniel to take about his secret tip to turn your setbacks into your fuel. He believes that you need to be aware of what the chip on your shoulder is before you get going so you can use it to motivate you to be better. He talks about his personal experience dealing with the divorce of his parents as a child. This pushed him to be strong and ambitious in his career. He learned how to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


He talks about making sure you are keeping yourself in check. If you are diligent about your work, you will be successful. Daniel and “C-Roc” go through their hidden secrets on how to move beyond your past and find your motivation. You have to be willing to go after what you believe in. Getting discouraged is only going to hold you back. Keep working hard with people who are working hard. If not, you will get left behind. The people who work hard and keep going are the ones who make money.