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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

How To Get Started In Marketing With Brandon Cockrell

Jul 1, 2022

Linchpin Sales Interactive was started by Brandon Cockrell after 12 years of sales and marketing success within large corporations such as Wells Fargo and the PGA TOUR. Over the years, and after meeting with thousands of business owners and executives, Brandon noticed a common problem among all businesses. They had issues getting more quality customers in their doors on a consistent and predictable basis. It was then that he decided to do something about it. And, he didn’t want to just stop there. He wanted to make sure that everything Linchpin did for it’s customers was with a purpose, was fully transparent and could provide a proven ROI. With this being the main mission of the business, it has quickly grown to having a full team of experts (which is led by his wife, Maghan) helping businesses of all sizes, and in multiple markets throughout the country, produce massive results. Now, we are excited to have the first fully automated A-Z marketing solution (our Business Builder marketing program) designed to help our customers get the results they have always desired and start focusing on the things that they enjoy best about their business.