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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

Blake Whittle was born into the Primerica family. Growing up, his dad was involved in the company, which gave him the motivation to get started on his own.  He talks about the different tactics he uses to get his team to be their most competitive. He makes it a point to not play favorites in order to make sure no one feels like they’re not important. He is using this time during the pandemic to be more productive than ever.


He tells us where he goes to find new prospects for his team. He shares his secrets on how he’s able to recruit so many people. His main sources are meeting people face to face, LinkedIn, and social media. He talks out cold outreach vs. warm outreach for recruiting and how to curb your expectations for cold outreach when the numbers aren’t what you expected.


At the end, Daniel brings on his regional vice presidents to discuss with them how they can be even more productive. He gives them his best tips on how to get new recruits excited to work harder and see more results.