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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

Nov 25, 2020

Jay Feldman is a doctor and entrepreneur. He stopped working as a doctor in January to focus on his business and content creation. After running into the wall with tons of paperwork and a broken health care system, Jay felt that he wasn’t able to achieve what he wanted in the medical world. Jay talks about the pandemic through the lens of a doctor. Jay dealt with COVID himself and talks firsthand about how difficult a disease it is to battle at a young age. Though he doesn’t love wearing a mask, he knows that it’s an important piece of keeping people safe. He discusses the rumors that some doctors have found a “cure” for COVID-19 without conducting all of the proper studies. While many people are becoming frustrated with staying inside, Jay is staying optimistic that a vaccine will come out.


As a businessman, Jay made the choice to not work for anyone other than himself. He wanted to have control over his life and not have to answer to a boss. He drops his best secrets to become a PR master. You can follow Jay on Twitter @drjayfeldman.