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Daniel Alonzo's Wealth On The Beach Podcast

Dec 16, 2020

Bridget Barrett is a blogger, writer, and the creator of Awakened Adulting. Awakened Adulting is the notion of tapping into the best journey you can have for yourself as an adult. She started her journey two years ago when she realized she wanted to focus more on her spiritual journey than stick to the standard “path”. She has used her experience with yoga to help her ground herself in meditation and be able to go clearly into her day. She gives her tips on how to quiet your mind through meditation. A lot of people have the experience of feeling like they’re meditating “wrong”. Meditation is a process. You don’t need to be so concerned with the results. Yoga is a tool that helps expand your body and mind and allow yourself to be still.


Awakened Adulting is Bridget’s blog about her personal development journey. She challenged herself to put her words and thoughts out into the world. As a mom with a blog, writing a book, Bridget’s day is packed, but she has been able to find a morning routine that allows her to have a full productive day.


You can read Bridget's blog Awakened Adulting here: